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A daily low key practice for you to experience more freedom and ease in your body and to keep you strong and healthy.

Handstand classes to make sure you put in the work for your progress. All classes will be aimed towards creating a solid two arm handstand with all its variations.

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These classes are aimed towards developing the following skills:

  • Front Splits
  • The Bridge
  • Middle Splits
  • Pancakes

$ 75 / Month

7-day free trial is included. You will be charged after the trial period is over. However, you can cancel anytime.



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I am a professional horse trainer and in order to get the most out of my horses it is imperative that I ride fluidly and in harmony with them. That takes an athletic body and excellent posture, which is why I chose to work with Sonja. In my first session we jumped right into the work, pinpointing my struggles in terms of posture and fitness. Within the first couple of sessions, I could feel the positive effect it had on my riding, which is now so much more improved and consistent, not to mention my overall posture and health. As I have continued to work with Sonja I am amazed by her easy communication as well as her attention to detail. Her written recaps of each session make practice so much easier and successful. She is a workhorse, but in her lovely soft, positive demeanor. It is apparent that she possesses education, knowledge, skill and expertise not found in most personal trainers. Sonja is a rare gem and I consider myself lucky to have found her!

Virtual Gym Testimonial 1
Sher B.
Professional Horse Trainer

Sonja made exercising fun again! I feel younger than ever after having given birth to my little daughter, who watches us while we exercise at home!

Virtual Gym Testimonial 2
Haya A.
Mother and Wife

Training with Sonja is so motivating! I started training with her while I was preparing for my first marathon. She found weaknesses in my running technique and my stability. Working on that helped me tremendously in reaching my marathon goal! 

Virtual Gym Testimonial 3
Franz Y.

I have been working with Sonja since Feb., one day a week. I love how I feel after each session! Thank you Sonja for making my summer clothes a lot looser than they were last year! This new format will be a great supplement to what we are doing now!

Eileen K.
Business Owner

I was at least a year deep into a handbalancing world when I reached out to Sonja. I had read all the books, followed all the notable handbalancers and teachers on Instagram, seen every youtube video on how to do a handstand. Although I had quite a good understanding of what constitutes a nice straight handstand, I was overwhelmed by the amount of sometimes contradictory information and the neverending list of must-do drills. And I did them all, for a week. I trained with religious consistency, but very inconsistently at the same time. After I finally admitted to myself that I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, that's where Sonja comes in.

She put a structure to my consistency, tailored a programme suiting my needs and most importantly dragged me out of my comfort zone where I was stuck falsely thinking what a hard worker I was. She pushed me to do drills I'd never do by myself and she challenged me not to quit them just because I sucked at them. She taught me to embrace the suffer of repetitive drilling that handbalance is and she was within a message reach for each and every sob of despair or scream of frustration I had, pep talking me back into positive mindset until I could finally see the progress myself!

I'd say she's the perfect balance between a coach that pushes you forward and a friend you commiserate with, two at a price of one … :-).

Petra K.

Working with Sonja has transformed my connection with my body. In the short time I have been doing Daily Movement, I have seen and felt improvement in balance, posture, flexibility, and muscle. Sonja is a gifted and knowledgeable teacher, and her sessions are just as much about educating as they are about movement. She is constantly keeping classes interesting and well balanced by adding in new exercises, and different levels of difficulty within those exercises. There is something in it for everyone! I'm grateful that the Virtual Gym platform allows me to work with her from a distance. I can't say enough good things about Sonja as a person or as a teacher!

Allie K.
Working K9 Trainer


Your Virtual Gym membership includes all of the classes offered in the schedule live and on demand. The live classes will be held on Zoom which makes it possible for me to tailor the classes to your needs as good as I can. You’ll be able to give instant feedback, ask questions and I’ll be able to adjust the exercises to your level!

As a member you’ll get an email from me every morning with all of the links to the scheduled classes for that specific day. You can also find all of the Zoom links in the member area on the website!

You’ll get an email from me every evening with the recorded classes that were held on that day. You can also access the latest 3 sessions of every class in the member area on the website.

When you sign up you’ll find your username and password in the welcome email we send you. Change your password as soon as you logged in!

The 7-day trial period starts automatically when you sign up, so you won’t be charged until a week after your sign up.
You can cancel anytime.

No, your membership fee will stay the same as we grow our gym and fill up the schedule with different types of classes. But the benefit of joining early on will be in your influence on my decision making when it comes to shaping the classes and adding new ones!


    If you want more free resources to back up your handstand training, go ahead to my other website!

    Handstand Diary

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